Translation Requests & Tibetan-English Translation Work Inquiries

Erick Tsiknopoulos and the Sugatagarbha Translation Group are available for commissioned translation work from Tibetan into English, and from English into Tibetan. We offer an academic level of high quality translation, at relatively low rates by Western standards. Discounts are given for larger works (20+ pages). For examples of our recent work, please see the translations done from early 2013 onward, under the chronological list of translations on

We are especially skilled and experienced in the translation of Tibetan Vajrayāna and Mahāyāna Buddhist practice and scriptural materials, in particular sūtra-s, dhāraṇī-s, mantra-s, Tantric practices and sādhanā-s, having translated, under the guidance of Tibetan scholars, most of The Heart Essence of Yuthok (g.yu-thog snying-thig), an immense Medical Vajrayāna collection consisting of 505 pages of Tantric practices related to the Tibetan science of healing (under the auspices of the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, Oregon), as well as most of the 29 chapter version of the Sūtra of Golden Light (suvarṇaprabhāsottamasūtrendrarājaḥ), and many other sūtra-s, prayers, and practices. Many of these are available for viewing on

If you would like to have a Tibetan text, book, phrase or word translated into English, or an English text, book, phrase or word translated into Tibetan, please use the contact form below, or email Erick Tsiknopoulos at or (sending to both email addresses is best).

We will respond by email with information regarding translation rates and other details.

If possible, please include scans of a few pages of the text to be translated in an email.

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.