List of Translations in Alphabetical Order


Below is a list of the translations of about 280 Tibetan Buddhist texts by Erick Tsiknopoulos & the Sugatagarbha Translation Group, in alphabetical order, from A to Z.

For chronological order, see the ‘Lists of Translations and Essays’ sub-menu.


  1. A Brief Biography of Ngawang Yéshey T’ubten (ngag dbang ye shes thub bstan, 19th century)
  2. A Dispelling Obstacles from the Path Prayer, by Khenchen Lama Pelgyepa Dorje Rinpoché
  3. A Long Life Prayer for Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoché, by Khenchen Lama Pelgyeypa Dorje Rinpoché
  4. A Long Life Prayer for Jhado Tulku Rinpoché, Composed by Chobgyé Trichen Rinpoché
  5. A Long Life Prayer for the Three Vajras, by Terdak Lingpa
  6. A Long-Life Prayer for His Holiness Katok Getse Tulku Rinpoché, by Gyurme Tenpa Gyaltsen
  7. A Long-Life Prayer for the Omniscient Dalai Lama, by Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoché
  8. A Longing Prayer to Mañjuśrī, by Ju Mipham Rinpoché
  9. A Message of Exhortation to the Nechung Oracle-Protector, by His Holiness the Dalai Lama
  10. A Practice of the Meaning of the Four Causes for Rebirth in Sukhāvatī, by Ju Mipham Rinpoché, Jamyang Namgyel Gyamts’o
  11. A Praise and Prayer to Sarasvati, by Khenchen Lama Pelgyepa Dorje Rinpoché
  12. A Prayer for Padmasambhava’s Tradition
  13. A Prayer for Passage to Chamara, the Land of Lotus Light, by Padma Thrinley Gyatso
  14. A Prayer for the Long Life of the Guru, by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö
  15. A Prayer for the Spread of the Nyingma Tradition
  16. A Russian Translation of Our Translation of Mipham’s Tārā Prayer
  17. A Short Method for Reciting Samantabhadra’s Prayer for Excellent Conduct, by Dzongsar Khyentse Chӧkyi Lodrӧ Rinpoché
  18. A Supplication to Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoché, composed for his students by Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoché
  19. A Supplication to Milarepa, by Khenpo Jigmé Phuntsok Rinpoché
  20. A Supplication to the Root Guru, by Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoché
  21. An Aspiration Prayer: A Terma of Tulku Mingyur Dorje
  22. Advice on Friends, by Paltrul Rinpoché
  23. Advice to the People of Dzagyel Sershül, by Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoché
  24. An Aspiration for Enlightenment, by Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoché
  25. Ārya Jambhala’s Dhāraṇī for Fully Pacifying All Sheep Sickness
  26. Arya Maitreya’s King of Prayers
  27. Aspiration for the Land of Great Bliss, by Khenchen Lama Pelgyepa Dorje Rinpoché
  28. Avalokiteshvara’s Dhāraṇī
  29. Avalokiteshvara’s Mantra Which Subdues All Negative Actions and Obscurations
  30. Aspiration Prayer for Ḍākinī Rigdzin Yangchen Lhamo, by Jigmey Lodrö Rinpoché


  1. Biographies of the First Buddhist Patriarchs in Modern Tibetan Renditions of Early Indian Buddhist History (translation and essay)
  2. Bringing Down the Compassionate Blessings of the Great Lion, King of the World [Gésar], by Ju Mipham Rinpoché
  3. Buddha Akshobhya’s Dhāraṇī
  4. Buddha Vairochana’s Heart Practice


  1. Clearing Away the Darkness of Delusion: A Mañjushrī Sadhana, by Khaydrub Raga Asya [Karma Chakme] Conferred on Pema Thrinlay
  2. Condensed Smoke Offering, by Ju Mipham Rinpoché
  3. Condensed Verses for the Four Immeasurables, by Ju Mipham Rinpoché


  1. Deep Praise to the Tulku of Kyenpo, by Khenchen Lama Rinpoché, Pelgyeypa Dorjé
  2. Dharmakaya Kuntuzangpo: A Supplication to Padmasambhava, revealed by Chokgyur Lingpa
  3. Dredging the Depths of Deepest Hell: The Concise King of Confessions of Purifying Remorse, by Trulzhik Rinpoché, Nga’wang Chökyi Lodrö


  1. Ekagāthā: The Single Stanza 
  2. Excerpts from ‘Instructions for the Noble Speech of the Six Syllables, Part 1’, by King Songtsen Gampo
  3. Excerpts from ‘Trainings in Awakening Spirit Compiled from the Sūtras’ (mdo las btus pa’i byang chub sems sbyong) (translation and essay)
  4. Extremely Concise Practices of Sanctifying Incense [Sang] and Golden Beverage Offerings [Serkyem], by Terchen Trulzhik Dongak Lingpa, Trulzhik Rinpoché (Nga’wang Chökyi Lodrö), and Düdjom Rinpoché (Jikdrel Yéshey Dorjé)


  1. Flower of Saffron: A Prayer for the Flourishing of the Géluk Teachings, by Khenchen Lama Rinpoché, Pelgyeypa Dorjé
  2. For the Benefit of Beings Pervading Space: A Meditation-Recitation on the Vastly Compassionate One’, by Thangtong Gyalpo


  1. Gelongma Palmo’s Tara Prayer
  2. Gelongma Palmo’s Tara Prayer (with Tibetan script and PDF file)
  3. Great Repository of Blessings: A Praise to Manjushri, by Ju Mipham Rinpoché
  4. Great Treasury of Blessings: Aspiration Verses for the Long Life of Khenchen Lama Pelgyeypa Dorjé Rinpoché, by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso


  1. How Joyous to Seek Method and Wisdom, by Kardzey Gyurmey Rabten


  1. Jetsun Drakpa Gyaltsen’s Tara Prayer
  2. Ju Mipham Rinpoché on the Dhāraṇī called ‘Golden’ from the Sūtra of Golden Light


  1. Karmic Purification Vis-à-vis the Four Powers in Mahāyāna Buddhist Scripture: A New Translation of the ‘Sūtra of the Teaching on the Four Dharmas’ (translation and essay)


  1. Letter from the Office of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, August 5th, 2016
  2. Letter from the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile Regarding the Passing of Chatral Rinpoché, Sanggyay Dorjé
  3. Letter Poem Sent to the Mahāsiddha T’angtong Gyelpo Along with the Support of a Fifty Coral Rosary, by Shākya Ch’okden
  4. Letter Poem to Draktokpa, by Marpa Sheyrab Yéshey
  5. Letter Poem to Jangch’ub Kyab, by Marpa Sheyrab Yéshey
  6. Letter Sent to Lama Lhumgompa, by Marpa Sheyrab Yéshey
  7. Longchenpa on Obstacles
  8. Long Life Prayer for Ḍākinī Rigdzin Yangchen Lhamo, by Khenchen Lama Pelgyeypa Dorjé Rinpoché


  1. Manjushri’s Name-Mantra
  2. Manjushri’s Mantra for Increasing Wisdom and Intelligence
  3. Mantra for Benefiting Animals Whose Meat is Eaten
  4. Medicine Buddha’s Dhāraṇī
  5. Melodious and Delightful Laughter: A Clearly-Expressed Chronicle of the Sacred Site of Drakda Lamtso, the Life-Force Lake of Yeshe Tsogyel
  6. Milarepa Song
  7. Mipham Rinpoché’s The Great Repository of Grace-Waves: A Praise to Manjushri


  1. Ocean of Offering Clouds: A Butter Lamp Prayer, by Gatön Ngawang Lekpa
  2. Offering Clouds that Please the Vidyādharas: A Prayer for the Spread of the Early Translation Teachings, by Ju Mipham Rinpoché
  4. One Syllable Prajñāpāramitā: The Far-Reaching Perfection of Deep Insight, Mother of All Suchness-Faring Ones, in a Single Syllable
  5. On the Long Life Arrows of Māratika Cave [The Silken Arrows of Longevity], by Māratika Dungdzin Rinpoché, Ngawang Jikdrel Chökyi Wangchuk


  1. Personal Experiential Feelings of the Yogi, by Marpa Sheyrab Yéshey
  2. Pith Instructions from the ‘Lamrim Chenmo’ on Bodhicitta
  3. Practices for Success: Buddhist Keys to Abundance and Good Fortune (translations and essay)
  4. Prayer for Attracting Auspicious Signs, by Ju Mipham Rinpoché
  5. Prayer for the Swift Rebirth of Dungsay Thinley Norbu Rinpoché, by the 10th Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoché
  6. Prayer to the Jowo Rinpoché Statue, by T’angtong Gyelpo
  7. Profound Instructions on the View of the Middle Way, by Ju Mipham Rinpoché
  8. Protección Inmediata Contra el Miedo: Una Oración a Tara (Spanish translation)
  9. Pure Offering of Joyful Bliss: An Aspiration for the Good Fortune of the Transcendent Ḍākinī, Rigdzin Yangchen Lhamo, by Chöying Rigpay Dorjé Rinpoché


  1. Quick Protection from Fear: A Prayer to Tārā, by Ju Mipham Rinpoché


  1. Recalling the Names of Moonbeams Buddha (The Moonbeams Buddha Dhāraṇī)
  2. Roots


  1. Saraswati’s Letter to Chatral Rinpoché’s Students, January 9th, 2016
  2. Shakyamuni Buddha’s Mantra
  3. Shower of Blessings: A Guru Yoga Based on the Seven-Line Prayer, by Mipham Rinpoché
  4. Song of Symbolic Dharmas Necessary for Meditation, by Marpa Sheyrab Yéshey
  5. Song of the Seven Essentials, by Marpa Sheyrab Yéshey
  6. Spontaneously Accomplishing All Wishes: A Supplication to the Reverend Lady Tārā, by Khenchen Lama Pelgyeypa Dorjé Rinpoché
  7. Spontaneous Accomplishment of Awakened Activity: An Offering Invocation to the Great Lion, Gésar the Gem, by Ju Mipham Rinpoché
  8. Sunlight Blessings That Cure the Longing of Remembrance: A Biography of the Omniscient Khunu Mahāsattva, Tenzin Gyeltsen [Khunu Lama Rinpoché], by Lamchen Gyalpo Rinpoché
  9. Sanctifying Smoke Offering to the Great God Gaṇapati, by Karma Chakmey, Rāga Asya


  1. Tara’s Mantra Which Protects from the Eight Fears
  2. The 2nd Khunu Lama Rinpoché’s The Lamp of Advice Which Illuminates That Which Is To Be Adopted And Abandoned
  3. The 37 Bodhisattva Practices, by Gyelsay Ngulchu Thogme Zangpo
  4. The Abridged Sukhavati Prayer
  5. The Appearance of Beneficial and Blissful Light: A Supplication to the Five World-Protecting Deities for the Happiness of Tibet and Kham, by Choying Dorje
  6. The Benefits of Circumambulations
  7. The Best Places to Study Tibetan in India: The Ratings
  8. The Blazing Ushnisha Dhāraṇī
  9. The Blazing Wheel: A Skillful Method for Accomplishment, a Terma of Tulku Zangpo Drakpa and Ridgzin Godem
  10. The Bodhicharyāvatāra: Entering into the Conduct of the Bodhisattva, Chapter One
  11. The Bodhisattva’s Confession of Downfalls: The Exalted Three Heaps Sūtra
  12. The Bodhisattva’s Jewel Rosary
  13. The Complete Purification of the Eyes: An Exalted Awareness-Mantra
  14. The Concise Dhāraṇī Ritual for Purifying Offerings
  15. The Concise Red Scented Smoke Offering [Marsur], by Düdjom Rinpoché, Jikdrel Yéshey Dorjé
  16. The Concise Smoke Offering Ritual, by Trulzhik Rinpoché, Ngawang Chökyi Lodrö
  17. The Condensed Hindrance-Repelling Ritual, by Ju Mipham Rinpoché
  18. The Condensed Prayer to the 21 Taras
  19. The Condensed Ritual for Repelling Gossiping Enemies, by Karma Chakme
  20. The Condensed Root Practice of the Guru Vidyadhara, by Rigdzin Deshek Lingpa
  21. The Demon Dispelling Dhāraṇī of the Thirteen Cakras
  22. The Dhāraṇī for Attaining the Ten Far-Reaching Perfections
  23. The Dhāraṇī for Dispelling Bad Dreams
  24. The Dhāraṇī for Prostrating Before a Sacred Support
  25. The Dhāraṇī for Purifying All Negative Actions and Obscurations
  26. The Dhāraṇī For Purifying Eye Diseases
  27. The Dhāraṇī of Cowherd Vasudhārā
  28. The Dhāraṇī of Enchanting Vasudhārā
  29. The Dhāraṇī of Four-Armed Red Gaṇapati
  30. The Dhāraṇī of Four-Armed White Gaṇapati from the Tradition of the Jowo [Atiśa Dīpaṃkara Śrījñāna]
  31. The Dhāraṇī of Ganapati’s Monkey Emanation
  32. The Dhāraṇī of Jeweled-Ushnisha Buddha
  33. The Dhāraṇī of Lapis Light that Generates the Power of the Tathāgata’s Samādhi [The Concise Medicine Buddha Sūtra]
  34. The Dhāraṇī of the Four Great Kings
  35. The Dhāraṇī of the Noble Maṇibhadra
  36. The Dhāraṇī of the Three Protectors of Beings
  37. The Dhāraṇī of the Yakṣa Maṇibhadra
  38. The Dhāraṇī of Vasudhārā, the Goddess Arisen from Dhāraṇī
  39. The Dhāraṇī of Yellow Jambhala from the Guhyāsamaja
  40. The Dhāraṇī of Yellow Jambhala’s Chief Form
  41. The Dhāraṇī Which Heightens the Powers of Virtuous Activities
  42. The Dhāraṇī-Mantra of Kshitigarbha
  43. The Dhāraṇīs for Attaining the Four Immeasurables
  44. The Dharma Wheel Sūtra (chos kyi ‘khor lo’i mdo ‘gyur byang med pa)
  45. The Dynamic of Wisdom and Compassion in Prajñāpāramitā Literature As Expressed in its ‘Verse Summaries’ (saṁcayagāthā, sdud pa tshigs su bcad pa) (translation and essay)
  46. The Dhāraṇī of the Lord of Secrets, Vajrapāṇi
  47. The Eight Letters of Mañjushrī
  48. The Eight Verses of Mind Training, by Kadampa Géshey Langri T’angpa, Dorjé Senggé
  49. The Essence of Ganapati, the Lord of Gatherings
  50. The Essence of the Six Far-Reaching Perfections Dhāraṇī (The Essence of the Six Paramitas Dhāraṇī)
  51. The Exalted Ganapati’s Heart-Dhāraṇī
  52. The Exalted Mantra for Not Being Harmed by Epidemics and Animals
  53. The Exalted Mantra Which Dispels Obstructing Force
  54. The Extremely Concise ‘Dispelling the Faults of Interdependence’, from the Treasure Teachings of Tertön Sögyel
  55. The Extremely Secret Mantra of the Vast Celestial Palace of Jewels
  56. The Final Words of Terdak Lingpa, Minling Terchen Gyurme Dorje
  57. The Four Methods of Guidance as a Framework for Engaged Buddhist Ethics and Social Harmony: An Interpretation Based on Scriptural, Tibetan and Indian Commentarial, and Japanese Zen Sources (translation and essay)
  58. The Great Seal (Mahāmudrā), by Khenchen Lama Rinpoché, Pelgyeypa Dorjé
  59. The Great Sūtra known as ‘The Transcendent Victory Banner’ (Dhvajā Grana Mahā-Sūtra)
  60. The Heart Sūtra Averting Ritual
  61. The Heart Sūtra: The Heart-Essence of the Far-Reaching Perfection of Sublime Gnosis, the Transcendent Conqueror Goddess
  62. The Heart-Essence Mantra of Amitayus
  63. The Homage to the Buddhas Who Hold the Vase of Life
  64. The Homage to the Tathagata Akshobhya [Immovable One]
  65. The Homage to the Tathāgata Shākyamuni
  66. The Homage to the Tathāgata Utterly Pure Mandala of the Moon
  67. The Incantation for Protecting and Increasing Wealth and Resources
  68. The Incantation of Gaṇapati’s Monkey Emanation: A Dhāraṇī of the Lord of Gatherings
  69. The Increasing Mantra
  70. The Innermost Essence of Noble Manjushri’s Continuum, a Terma of Guru Chowang
  71. The Intricate Knot of Indestructible Vajra Prayer, by Terdag Lingpa
  72. The King of Samadhi Sūtra Dhāraṇī
  73. The Lamp of Pristine Wisdom: A Commentary on Karma Chakme’s Mañjushrī Sadhana ‘Clearing Away the Darkness of Delusion’, by the 10th Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoché
  74. The Lotus Jewel: A Self-Visualizaton of Guru Rinpoché (Padmasambhava), by Khenchen Lama Rinpoché, Pelgyeypa Dorjé
  75. The Long Life Prayer for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, by His Holiness Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoché
  76. The Longsel Nyingpo Ngondro
  77. The Magnetizing Practice of King Gésar, by Ju Mipham Rinpoché
  78. The Mahālakṣmīni Sūtra
  79. The Manifest Realization of Lion-Faced Ḍākinī in Brief (The Concise Lion-Faced Ḍākinī Dispelling Ritual)
  80. The Mantra for Accomplishing Activities
  81. The Mantra for Accomplishing All Aims
  82. The Mantra for Attaining the Four Immeasurables
  83. The Mantra for Attaining the Ten Far-Reaching Perfections (The Mantra for Attaining the Ten Paramitas)
  84. The Mantra for Being Attractive
  85. The Mantra for Being Released from Bondage
  86. The Mantra for Circumambulating Representations of the Three Jewels
  87. The Mantra for Clearing Away All Obstacles
  88. The Mantra for Cutting the Flow of Karmic Obscuration
  89. The Mantra for Frightening Maras and Demons
  90. The Mantra for Fully Pacifying All Sickness
  91. The Mantra for Generating Transcendent Insight 1
  92. The Mantra for Generating Transcendent Insight 2
  93. The Mantra for Generating Transcendent Insight 3
  94. The Mantra for Having a Pleasant Voice
  95. The Mantra for Non-Forgetfulness
  96. The Mantra for Obtaining 100 Garments
  97. The Mantra for Pacifying All Negative Actions
  98. The Mantra for Pacifying All Poison
  99. The Mantra for Pacifying Anger
  100. The Mantra for Pacifying Hemorrhoids
  101. The Mantra for Pacifying Poxes
  102. The Mantra for Pacifying Sicknesses of Indigestion
  103. The Mantra for Pacifying the Afflictions of Fire
  104. The Mantra for Pacifying Tumors
  105. The Mantra for Retaining What Is Heard
  106. The Mantra for Self-Protection
  107. The Mantra for Subduing Maras and Demons
  108. The Mantra for the Complete Purification of Offerings
  109. The Mantra for Totally Pacifying Contagious Diseases
  110. The Mantra for Totally Pacifying Eye Diseases
  111. The Mantra for Totally Pacifying Rage
  112. The Mantra of the Promise Made by Maitreya
  113. The Mantra Which Fully Purifies All the Lower Realms
  114. The Mantra Which Generates Transcendent Insight
  115. The Mantra Which Liberates from the Eight Great Fears
  116. The Mantra Which Purifies the Negative Karma Accumulated in One Thousand Eons
  117. The Melody of Deathless Accomplishment: A Prayer for the Exalted Feet of the Gurus to Remain Firm, by Ju Mipham Rinpoché
  118. The Method for Accomplishing Tārā: A New Treasure Teaching, by Khenchen Lama Rinpoché, Pelgyeypa Dorjé
  119. The Mighty Turning of the Dharma Wheel Sūtra, the ‘Pravartana’ Version
  120. The Multiplying Mantra
  121. The Naked Truth, by Gendün Chöpel
  122. The Name-Dhāraṇī of Je Tsongkhapa
  123. The Name-Recitation of Medicine Buddha
  124. The Name-Recitation of the Protector Amitābha
  125. The Negative Retributions of Guns As Seen in the Reviving Hell: An Extract from the Visions of Each Hell, by Nyakla Pema Düddül
  126. The Noble One’s Downpour of Blessings: A Condensed Commentary on the Avalokiteshvara Sadhana ‘For the Benefit of Beings Pervading Space’, by the 10th Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoché
  127. The Noble Path to Awakening: A Concise Ngondro, by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo
  128. The One Hundred and Eight Names of the Exalted Jambhala
  129. The One-Page Prayer: A Prayer to Khunu Lama Rinpoché, composed by Khunu Lama Rinpoché Himself
  130. The Outer Essence of the Tathāgata
  131. The Outer, Inner, and Secret Refuge of Mahasiddha T’angtong Gyelpo
  132. The Practice of the Dhāraṇī for Expanding Intellect
  133. The Practice of the Noble Dhāraṇī of Immeasurable Longevity and Wisdom
  134. The Praise to the Wish-Fulfilling Wheel of White Tara
  135. The Prayer for the Happiness of Tibet, by Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Thayè
  136. The Prayer for the Stages of the Path (The Lamrim Prayer)
  137. The Prayer for the Swift Rebirth of Dungsay Jikme Tsewang Thinley Norbu Rinpoché, by Khenchen Lama Pelgyepa Dorje Rinpoché
  138. The Prayer for the Swift Rebirth of the 9th Khalkha Jetsün Dampa Rinpoché, by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso
  139. The Prayer of the Unchanging Vajra Diamond: A Supplication to HH the Dalai Lama, by Khenchen Lama Pelgyepa Dorje Rinpoché
  140. The Prayer to Padmasambhava and the Four Elemental Goddesses for Pacifying Disasters Arising from the Elements
  141. The Prayer to the Three Great Stupas of Nepal, by Dudjom Rinpoché II, Jikdrel Yeshe Dorje
  142. The Prayer Which Freed the Sakyapas from Sickness, by T’angtong Gyelpo
  143. The Prostration Mantra
  144. The Sacred Name of Kṣitigarbha
  145. The Seven Line Prayer
  146. The Showers of True Bliss: A Long Life Prayer for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso
  147. The Short Smoke Offering for the Cleansing of Impurities by Jamgön Mipham Rinpoché
  148. The Six-Syllable Dhāraṇī of Avalokiteshvara: The Practice from Jowo Atīsha’s Tradition
  149. The Single Seed-Letter of Mañjushrī
  150. The Staircase that Leads to Liberation: An Extraordinary Guru Yoga Relying Upon Cintamani Tara
  151. The Sun Sūtra
  152. The Supplication to the Mother All Victorious Ones’
  153. The Supplication to the Three Kayas of the Guru
  154. The Supplication to Terchen Trulzhik Dongak Lingpa, by Terchen Trulzhik Dongak Lingpa [Himself]
  155. The Supplication to Lord Trulzhik Nga’wang Chökyi Lodrö [Trulzhik Rinpoché], by Trulzhik Rinpoché, Nga’wang Chökyi Lodrö [Himself]
  156. The Sūtra Arranged Like a Tree Dhāraṇī
  157. The Sūtra of the Teaching on the Four Dharmas
  158. The Sūtra on Deep Wisdom at the Moment of Death
  159. The Sūtra on Perfectly Possessing Ethical Discipline (Śīlā Samyukta Sūtra)
  160. The Sūtra on the Three Trainings
  161. The Sūtras on Recollecting the Precious Triple Gem
  162. The Teaching on the Eleven Contemplations Sūtra
  163. The Teaching on the Signs that the Common Preliminaries Have Entered One’s Mindstream
  164. The Terma Heart Sūtra of the Single Letter Prajnaparamita
  165. The Three Kāyas Sūtra
  166. The Tibetan Lotus Sūtra Project: First Preview of Chapter 13, ‘Living in Happiness’
  167. The Tibetan Lotus Sūtra Project: Preview 1 of Chapter Ten, ‘The Dharma Teacher’
  168. The Tibetan Lotus Sūtra Translation Project: First Preview of Chapter 1
  169. The Tibetan Sūtra of Golden Light in 29 Chapters, Chapter 21: Excellent Manifestation
  170. The Vasudhārā Dhāraṇī from the Tradition of Jamari
  171. The Vows of Going for Refuge
  172. The Water Offering of a Treasure Trove of Ambrosial Nectar: A Treasure Teaching of Düdjom Lingpa
  173. The Water Offering of All-Pervading Ambrosial Nectar: A Treasure Teaching of Düdjom Lingpa
  174. The White Flower Prayer: An Aspiration for HH the Dalai Lama, by Khenchen Lama Pelgyepa Dorje Rinpoché
  175. The Wish-Fulfilling Gem: A Sādhanā of the Reverend Lord Mañjuśrī, by Khenchen Lama Rinpoché, Pelgyeypa Dorjé
  176. The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel: A Supplication to Guru Rinpoché, by Khenchen Lama Pelgyepa Dorje Rinpoché


  1. White Utpala Flower: A Garland of Praise for His Eminence Dzogchen Namdak Tulku Rinpoché, by Khenchen Lama Rinpoché, Pelgyeypa Dorjé


  1. Yeshe Tsogyal’s Supplication to Padmasambhava at Gungtang Pass