The translations posted on this site are done according to a high standard of quality and authenticity. We make every effort to do our translations as carefully as possible, with the help of other translators and the guidance of Tibetan scholars and teachers. We also try to receive the oral transmission of the text where we are able. All of the translations on this site have been created following these guidelines as strictly as possible.

In a few cases, although we have not yet had the chance to review certain translations with others, we have posted them here because we sense a great need for them due to current circumstances in the world, and often at the request of others, such as long life prayers for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, prayers for the well-being of Tibet, prayers to avert natural disasters, or rebirth prayers for lamas who have passed away.

Regarding the transliterations of mantras that have been posted on this site, some people have said that they should not be posted online due to them being in the Secret Mantra class of teachings, and so they should not be made public. In response to this, there are two points to consider. One, many of these mantras are not from the tantras, but from the sutras, and thus fall within the sutra, or exoteric, class of teaching. Two, these mantras are made available openly within the Tibetan tradition itself, in popular collections of mantras that are freely distributed to anyone, such as the Zungdu and other mantra collections, which are often kept in the average Tibetan family’s home.

At the same time, we do not believe in openly displaying very secret teachings and highest tantra on the internet. Thus you will not find much in the way of Dzogchen, Mahamudra, or Anuttarayoga Tantra teachings on this site, especially ones that are generally restricted.

In the past, there have been some concerns raised about some of the material on this site. While we do not presume that we are doing everything perfectly, our main aim with this site is to share the Dharma that we have translated.

If you have any concerns about the material on this site, please email us tat and we will address your questions. We are constantly trying to improve the content of this site.

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