A Practice of the Meaning of the Four Causes for Rebirth in Sukhāvatī, by Ju Mipham Rinpoché, Jamyang Namgyel Gyamts’o

"The practice of the four causes for rebirth in Sukhāvatī, for those who wish to be reborn in Sukhāvatī [the Pure Land of Amitābha Buddha], is as follows."


The Water Offering of a Treasure Trove of Ambrosial Nectar: A Treasure Teaching of Düdjom Lingpa

The Water Offering of a Treasure Trove of Ambrosial Nectar: ༔ From The Treasury of the Expansive Sky of Dharmatā ༔ (chos nyid nam mkha'i klong mdzod las/ chu sbyin bdud rtsi gter mdzod bzhugs so) [A Treasure Teaching (gter ma) of Düdjom Lingpa (bdud 'joms gling pa, 1835-1904)] Translated from the Tibetan by Erick Tsiknopoulos

Bringing Down the Compassionate Blessings of the Great Lion, King of the World [Gésar], by Ju Mipham Rinpoché

GO SUM DOR-JÉ SUM DU JIN-LAP NAY Bless my three doors as the Three Vajras, LO-DRÕ POP-PA T’Ü-TOP NÜ-PA KYEY So that intellect, confidence, power, strength and energy may flourish. KHAM-SUM S’I-SUM WANG-DU-DU-WA YI Bestow the spiritual attainment of being fully victorious in all directions, CH’OK LAY NAM-PAR-GYËL-WA’I NGÖ-DRUP TSÖL Which brings the three realms and three planes of existence under one’s influence.