excerpts from ‘Trainings in Awakening Spirit Compiled from the Sūtras’ (mdo las btus pa’i byang chub sems sbyong)

The complete translation of this text is forthcoming. 

Trainings in Awakening Spirit Compiled from the Sūtras
(mdo las btus pa’i byang chub sems sbyong)

Herein, for the explanation of the training in Bodhicitta based on the precious canon of scriptures [Sūtras], the contemplation of the benefits of Bodhicitta is as follows.

From the Ratnakūṭa [Mass of Precious Gems Sūtra], [Section] Ca, ‘Questions by the Householder Glorious Giving [pdal sbyin]’, [page] 242, Da, 4:

By aspiring for the Buddha and the Dharma,
Whosoever generates Bodhicitta –
Amazing! It is a discovery, a great discovery:
This is the supreme among all finds.

Bodhicitta is joy,
For it brings about happiness to all sentient beings,
Any who generate joy about this mind:
Those shall live a good life.

Those who generate this mind,
Which acts to benefit to all sentient beings,
Bring joy to all sentient beings:
Seeing them, they become joyous.

Whoever feels joy about Bodhicitta,
Their bodies become like gold,
Fully adorned by good signs:
And they act to illuminate the world.

Bodhicitta is the great mind,
For among all minds its virtue is supreme,
It is abundantly replete with all good qualities:
And it fully pacifies all sickness.

Sentient beings who are scarce in merit
Do not want Bodhicitta,
Do not reverse from Samsara:
And become poor in Bodhicitta.

What is the merit of Bodhicitta?
If it were to take a physical form
It would fill the entire realm of space:
And would exceed even that.


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