The Homage to the Tathāgata Shākyamuni

The Homage to the Tathāgata Shākyamuni




Homage to the Tathāgata Shākyamuni!

If you recite this, the negative actions of 8 trillion eons will be purified.  


Translated by Erick Sherab Zangpo.


2 thoughts on “The Homage to the Tathāgata Shākyamuni

  1. tashidelek,
    i feel very grateful receiving english transliteration of the tibetan mantras but i would like to cite that if you can also put the tibetan script of the mantra along with english it will be very grateful indeed, becoz supposedly one is meditating on the dharanis or any of the mantras one needs the real tibetan alphabets to visualise,so i would like to advice that if it is possible please do it as fast as possible.


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