The Glory of the Golden Mountain: A Long Life Prayer for the Unsurpassed Master of the Great Perfection, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoché, by Yongdzin Loppön Tendzin Namdak Rinpoché

O Defender, through the light-lasso of your exalted understanding and love, You ensure illumination of the good path which liberates all living beings; And open the hundred gates to the ocean of benefit and happiness: To the Sublime Yogin of the Great Perfection, I supplicate.


The Primal Rosary of Precious Stones: A Long Life Prayer for His Eminence Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoché, by Khenchen Lama Pelgyeypa Dorjé Rinpoché

The Defender Amitāyus, the Deathless Padmasambhava, Uṣṇīṣavijayā, White Tārā and the rest; Through the blessings of the Vidyādhara Deity Assemblies of Longevity, May the lifespan of the Glorious Guru be prolonged.

The Innermost Heart-Essence of the Noble Mayūri, the Queen of Knowledge Mantras

“When one finds oneself among any illnesses, whether arising from Vāta (wind, rlung), arising from Pitta (bile, mkhris pa), arising from Kapha (phlegm, bad kan), arising from Combined Illnesses (formed by a combination of Vāta, Pitta and/or Kapha, 'dus pa), from possession by evil spirits, from affliction by contagions, or from drinking poison, for all of them, one should keep this in mind: ༑ན་མོ་བྷ་ག་བ་ཏེ། ཨིཊྚ་ཡ། ཨིནྡྲ་གོ་མི་སི་ཀཱ་ཡ། ཨཱ་ཤ་ནེ། པཱ་ཤ་ནེ། པཱ་པ་ནི་ཀུ་ལེ། ཀ་པི་ལ་མིཏྟེ། ཨི་ལི་ མི་ཏྟེ་སྭཱཧཱ། NAMO BHAGAVATE/ IṬṬAYA/ INDRA GOMI SIKĀYA/ ĀŚANE/ PĀŚANE/ PĀPA NIKULE/ KAPILA MITTE/ ILI MITTE SVĀHĀ

The Dhāraṇī of the Yakṣa Jambhala Śrī

“Lord of Secrets, Bhagavān, So as to cure the suffering of sentient beings, I shall teach a Knowledge Mantra; Through it, suffering is eliminated and happiness is gained. If one wishes to complete the Two Great Collections [of merit and wisdom], For the sake of guarding one's own body, this Knowledge Mantra Should be recited and thoroughly retained.”

The Innermost Essence of the Noble Mañjuśrī’s Tantra (Mañjuśrī-nāma-saṃgīti), A Treasure Teaching (gTerma) of Guru Chöwang, Chökyi Wangchuk

The Innermost Essence of the Noble Mañjuśrī's Tantra (Mañjuśrī-nāma-saṃgīti) ('phags pa 'jam dpal gyi rgyud kyi yang snying) A Treasure Teaching (gTerma) of Guru Chöwang, Chökyi Wangchuk (gu ru chos kyi dbang phyug, 1212-1270/73) Extracted from Dhāraṇīs Which Condense the Essence of the Kangyur [Mantras for Scriptures from the Tibetan Buddhist Canon] (bka' 'gyur snying … Continue reading The Innermost Essence of the Noble Mañjuśrī’s Tantra (Mañjuśrī-nāma-saṃgīti), A Treasure Teaching (gTerma) of Guru Chöwang, Chökyi Wangchuk