The Complete Sutra of Golden Light Project

If you have enjoyed and benefited from the translations on this site, please check out one of our most exciting projects yet: our translation of the Sutra of Golden Light in 29 and 31 Chapters.

Visit to find out more about this historic undertaking, and make sure to read the chapters translated thus far!

We also have a few new sites: our GoFundMe page where you can find out about and fund specific chapters (, and our new Facebook page for the SoGL in 29 Chapters where Erick has posted some new preliminary translations (


Please help us to continue to translate by donating your time, energy, and financial support. As of November 2014, ____ percent of the total costs have been raised since the project’s inception. If you can, consider making a contribution to the project… No amount is too small, and small recurring donations are greatly appreciated!

The amount of merit you will receive from sponsoring our translation of the Sutra of Golden Light in 29 and 31 Chapters is truly incalculable, as you will be partially responsible for a translation which will bring vast benefit to the entire world!

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